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Chairlady and Chief Executive Officer's statement

Welcome to the official site of China Kingstone Mining Holdings Ltd and thank you for your interest in us, an up-and-coming mining company specializing in the high-end beige marble products. With its beautiful colors, grain lines and luster, natural marble has been a key ingredient for architects and artists for thousands of years. As stone is non-renewable, stone product is also the highest-priced material for architectural decoration.

The past decade witnessed the robust growth of the Chinese economy and rise in national income and during this process, urban architecture became more sophisticated and appealing. With people’s increasing purchasing power, China has become the world’s largest marble consumer and importer. While the country’s urbanization strives forward and consumption ability moves to the next stage, demand for natural marble products is bound to surge further. Beige Marble, taking 40% of the marble used in China, is the most widely-used. In spite of that, China’s high-end beige marble market is dominated by imports, whose prices are much higher than domestics ones. Some people even think that China does not have any good beige marble resource of its own.

The heartening fact to China’s stone industry is that the area where our quarry is located has indeed the richest concentration of domestic high-end beige marble resources. With a quality close to that of the world’s most renowned beige marble products, our quarry can fill the vacuum in the domestic high-end marble market, completely reversing the long-held impression that marble manufactured in China is cheap but with poor quality. We’ll strive to establish ourselves as a high-end Chinese brand.

Capitalizing on the valuable beige marble resources of Beichuan and Jiangyou in Sichuan Province, China Kingstone Mining is committed to becoming a Chinese brand which could supply quality high-end products, secure dominating position in our industry and develop ourselves into a large-scale international company which could compete effectively in the international market. In doing so, we will reasonably exploit, operate and promote this rare resource given by nature to mankind with the vision of bringing out its true value and making our living more enjoyable.

Our biggest advantage lies in our finest resources:

Firstly, China’s beige marble resource is in short supply but it is increasingly sought after and has a huge market potential.

Secondly, our quarry, as the largest beige marble quarry in China, has a resource volume of 44,000,000 m3 and a proved reserve of 17,000,000 m3. The mine life of our quarry lasts for over a century based on an annual production of 150,000 m3.

Thirdly, our quarry is relatively intact. Its good geological conditions support production on an industrial scale, thus guaranteeing bulk supply of high-end marble products of a stable quality.

In a market characterized by robust and insatiable demand, the right resource translates into a promising future. We believe that through the dedication of our top professional management, China Kingstone will become a star of the stone industry!


Chen Tao
Chairlady and Chief Executive Officer

China Kingstone Mining Holdings Ltd