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Mining Process

We integrate a variety of cutting techniques in open pits, including diamond wire cutting, chain saw cutting, and disc saw cutting to produce marble blocks. 

Separation: To separate massive stones from the original protolith by sawcutting or cleaving according to the cracks in the mineral body joint.
Disintegration: To disintegrate separated massive stones into a number of smaller blocks as raw materials of marble blocks. The location of disintegrative sawcutting face is subject to the required size of marble blocks.
Hauling: To move the disintegrated marble blocks or raw materials of marble blocks from the mineral bodies in order to create working space for next round of separation.
Shaping: To  saw  cut  or  shape  marble  blocks,  that  do  not  conform  to  the  commercial standard into the required of sizes and specifications.
Slinging: To sling the marble blocks from the working platform to transportation vehicles for direct sales or centralized storage at the storage site.
Slag Removal: To collect gravel, crushed stones and slag that cannot form marble blocks and remove them from the working platform for transportation or sales.