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Marble Slab Process

Marble blocks are saw cut into slabs. Small marble blocks will be processed by simple disc saws to produce marble slabs. Medium and large marble blocks will be processed by gang saws and will be typically used to produce standard 2-cm thick one-side-polished marble slabs. Marble from the upper benches of the open-pit production contain small defects, such as holes, cracks and fossils. Therefore, marble blocks produced during the early stage will often need to be treated with resin to ensure final product quality. This will double the polishing time needed as the slabs will need to be polished twice. As marble quality improves with mining depth, this added polishing step will be reduced to a limited level.

Our  marble  slab  production  processes  include  saw  cutting,  drying  or  adhibiting  repairing  or masking,  curing,  polishing  and  warehousing.  The  following  diagram  sets  forth  our  marble  slab processing process and the time required for each process:

Saw Cutting: Marble  blocks  are  cut  into  slabs  with  circular saws,  sand  saws  or  general saws.
Drying, Adhibiting Repairing or  Masking: For cracked stones, stones with holes or easily breakable stones, we use resin gluing or masking to increase their abrasion resistance.
Polishing: Polishing is a process by which material is precisely removed from a workpiece (or specimen) to produce a desired dimension, surface finish or shape.