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Our Products

Marble is geologically defined as metamorphosed limestone or dolomite that is thoroughly recrystallized and much or all of the sedimentary and biologic textures are obliterated. Commercially in the stone industry, marble includes limestone or dolomite that is rock of sedimentary origin primarily composed of calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate and is polishable. Our marble resources fall into this latter category.

The geological composition of our marble includes limestone and dolomite. The high degree of purity, hardness and bulk density as well as the low level of porosity of the marble in our Zhangjiaba Mine can be used as premium marble blocks and slabs for decorative surfacing purposes. Our major products are premium beige marble slabs, blocks and other by-products.

Properties of Our Products

Based on measurements on 19 core rock samples, the bulk density of the marble resources in the Zhangjiaba Mine ranges from 2.51 to 2.73 t/m3 with an average of 2.61 t/m3. The hardness of the marble is 3. The natural water absorption of the marble is generally from 0.2% to 0.8%, averaging 0.54%.

Based on the measurements on selective samples, the compressive strength of different types of marble ranges from 27.5 to 63.7 million pascals (''MPa''), averaging 41.9 MPa. The bending strength ranges from 16.3 to 39.7 MPa, averaging 23.3 MPa. The abrasion resistance is 57 per cm2 for the Pure Beige, 56 per cm2 for the Mixed Beige, 28 per cm2 for the Wood Grain, and 64 per cm2 for the Gray Net.

The abrasion resistance of all four types of marble satisfies the minimum requirement of 10 per cm2 for natural marble construction material in China (GB/T 19766-2005).