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Safety and Environmental Protection

We utilize the open-pit mining method, which facilitates access and extraction of marble blocks from our marble mine, reducing the risk of accidents caused by collapsed mine roofs, mine floods and the  leakage  of  harmful  gases.  Compared  to  underground  mining,  our  open-pit  mining  operations generally do not involve the use of explosive materials or hazardous chemicals, thereby significantly reducing safety and environmental pollution concerns.

We are committed to following environmentally responsible practices and have adopted measures to minimize the impact and risk of our operations on the environment.

We utilize water with drilling, cutting and sawing activities, water sprays at material transfer points, and water trucks to spray the roads during dry  periods to  reduce dust  from mining operations.

The  mine site has  also  been  designed to recycle used water for production activities and dust suppression. Production water and rain falling on the mine area are drained to a central sump where the water is settled and cleared of sediment before being recycled back into ongoing production activity.No toxic or hazardous substances are contained in the  drainage  water.  

We  have  a  limited  amount  of  tailings  because  our  Zhangjiaba  Mine  is  highly utilizable and, as a result, we do not incur additional handling costs.

Methods of noise control include use  of  silencers, noise  and  vibration dampening and  absorbing  materials, isolation and  enclosure of noisy equipment, and regular equipment maintenance. We also undertake regular noise, water and air quality  monitoring  as  well  as  an  ongoing  reclamation  and  re-planting  program  for  disturbed  areas.

We  are  confident  in  our  ability  to  further  enhance  our  safety  and  environmental  protection capabilities, meet the increasingly strict safety and environmental protection standards imposed by the PRC  Government  and  reduce  any  exposure  to  potential  incremental  costs  or  contingent  liabilities relating to safety and environmental protection.